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Medical services for
Spider vein treatment: This can be done with sclerosing agents, but the paranasal type responds quite well to the Pelleve’ unit using different settings and electrodes. It can be virtually painless with a small amount of topical anesthetic, and in some cases without it.

Superficial moles and skin tags: Lesions suspicious for malignant change will not be biopsied, so as to not release abnormal cells into the body, but the Pelleve’ unit is capable of removing nonmalignant lesions quickly and easily under local anesthesia, transmitting very little heat to the contiguous tissues so as to minimize damage and scarring. Bleeding is usually minor and responsive to a short application of direct pressure.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation: Good information about this procedure can be found at drsubi.com. Useful in the treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal infections that are resistant to antibiotics, in the improvement of blood circulation through areas not normally well perfused, and in conditions where such is common such as peripheral vascular disease.

Nutritional IV’s: Meyers Cocktail, high-dose Vitamin C, Magnesium, mineral and other nutritional and therapeutic IV treatment is available.
Pelleve’: In addition to the uses mentioned above, its primary use is for increasing skin collagen to improve elasticity and adherence to the underlying bone structure, with increased thickness, promoting a more youthful look, and reduction of wrinkle depth by 87-89% on average. It is not painful, involves no downtime and can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as fillers, platelet-rich plasma and Botox injections, which my affiliates can provide.

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